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Looking for a totally cool and memorable way to celebrate a work party?

Whether you are looking for a fully catered event or just a few hours of  elite Laser Tag battles with work mates, Laserzone has got what you need.




All Hourly Passes include unlimited Laser Tag and Video Arcade for the duration of your pass, PLUS Ticket Games, PLUS Prize Games, PLUS Bumper and Jungle Train.

BYO food is permitted for your convenience or ask us about our catering options!



1 hr Laser Tag (Minimum 2 Games)

1 hr Video Arcade

8 Ticket + 2 Prize Games

1 Extreme Ride (Bumper Cars or Jungle Train)


Group discounts apply for Groups of 10+ people. Bookings essential. Ask about our catering options!



2 hrs Laser Tag (Minimum 4 Games)

2 hrs Video Arcade

14 Ticket + 4 Prize Games

2 Extreme Rides (Bumper Cars or Jungle Train)


Group discounts apply for Groups of 10+ people. Bookings essential. Ask about our catering options!



Full venue hire access gives you unlimited access to the whole facility, for the entirety of your visit. Yes, that’s right. Unlimited Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Jungle Train, Arcade & Ticket Games (no tickets).

You get to run wild and make full use of the centre. Choose to cater yourself or utilise one of our catering partners.

Laserzone Offers Packages for Work-Groups

Laserzone has become well known as a venue full of fun activities, and attractions for people of all ages and these are the perfect way for work-groups to build their team dynamic. When you mention corporate team building activities with your co-workers or employees, you might receive a groan. All too often, these sorts of events are seen as boring and lame, but when they involve laser tag, those complaints go silent. Given the benefits that team building can bring to your group dynamic, offering an entertaining way to provide them is a win-win.

What You Can Expect from Laserzone Regarding Work Parties

With options for parties of any size and a venue full of entertainment for all ages, we have the perfect party package for your work group. For larger groups, we even offer full venue hire, which will give you and your team unlimited access to all our activities for the duration of the hire, including laser tag, bumper cars, the jungle train target course and the arcade with an assortment of video- and other games. Full venue hire will even give your group unlimited access to the ticket games without needing tickets. Here are a few of the things you can expect when you book us for your next corporate event:

  • We offer both catered and uncatered parties. For uncatered parties, you can bring your own food for your convenience. Catering is handled by one of our many catering partners so you can choose the type of food you prefer.
  • For team-building competitions, laser tag is a great option, letting your team work together or for larger groups, splitting into two and competing against each other in a fun environment. Another option for team building is our Jungle Train Target Practice. This package combines a train ride with laser target practice, keeping score of your team’s hits. The arcade offers several games that can become a friendly competition for your team.
  • Don’t forget about your team member’s family, either. With a full venue hire, make your team building event a company retreat. This fun-filled breakaway can help your team bond and become closer by learning more about each other, plus it can be a lot of fun for the kids.

The Importance of Team Building in Brisbane 

Despite the bad rap that team building can have, it can be incredibly beneficial for your company and your employees. The trick is to offer fun, team building activities, and this is where we come in with laser tag, bumper cars and our incredible arcade. A few of the ways team building can be important include the following:

  • Competition is well known to increase productivity, but when it is done wrong, it can lead to animosity and hurt feelings. Many managers try to add competition to the workplace, often falling on the no-fun side. A contest such as laser tag, outside the confines of work, can be more effective in increasing productivity while keeping resentments to the minimum.
  • There are few jobs where we work all by ourselves. Team building exercises can help your employees to think more like a group. Competing together in a laser tag arena, they will learn to favour innovations and creativity in their thinking as they take on the other side. This friendly competition can aid in communication as well, helping your employees become more comfortable with each other.
  • When your favourite sports team wins a big game or match, you and all the fans celebrate that victory together, even if you didn’t know each other. That sense of team spirit can be accomplished in fun team-building exercises as well. With both laser tag and our assortment of arcade games, your team can bond in celebrating their wins. 

Why You Should Use Laserzone

Our customers come to us for their team building activities in Brisbane because they want to bring their employees closer together in an entertaining way. Beyond team building, an event at one of our fantastic laser tag venues can be a reward for their excellent work. When they have competed together in our world-class multi-level laser tag arena, they will form a closer bond, leading to all the benefits it can bring to your office or another workplace. If you are interested in out of the box work activities in Brisbane, contact us today.