Thanks to the hard work of our crew, friends and members, Laserzone is back online after a recent flooding event heavily impacted our venue. Our Laser Tag is fully operational, the Arcade is now 90% online with some new games and our Bumper Cars coming online in the next couple of weeks. To compensate for not having Bumper Cars, we have beefed up inclusions on all our passes.

Please call us on 3205 4141 or email if you would like to talk to us directly about any questions you might have.


Laserzone Brisbane has been supporting local sports clubs with complimentary Achievement Awards and unforgettable sports team parties for over 15 years.

Laserzone parties are a great chance for the team to let off some steam and for the coaches to get involved with the team on a completely different playing field!

Laserzone offers great catered and uncatered party options for sports clubs. We offer 10% off our catered party prices and permament off-peak rates for our uncatered Hourly Pass options for sports clubs.

If you don’t find what your looking for here, head over to the PRICING & DEALS page for more ideas!


If you are a Sports Club looking for an amazing end of season party, then you can enjoy your SECOND HOUR FREE with the purchase of a 1 hour pass (peak rates only). The only requirements are that you must bring a group of 10 or people, and that you are from a sports club!

To book, make sure you call 3205 4141 with the team name, managers name and club details.


Ages 6+ / Min 10 Guests


3 Laser Games

Retro Arcade Access for duration of party

6 Blue + 6 Yellow Games

Meal, drinks, popcorn & lollies

Party booth for duration of party


PREMIUM ARCADE ($8pp): 100 tickets + Double Blue & Yellow Games

FOOD & PLATTERS: For our full Cafe Menu CLICK HERE**


The standard meal options include Pizza or Nuggets & Chips, however we can also swap nuggets out for vege spring rolls.

We are a gluten friendly cafe which means we have some gluten free products which are cooked in the same oil as the products with gluten. People with food allergies are welcome to bring their own food in to the venue.

For our full food policy head to

Laserzone has a fully licensed Bar & Cafe that can supply delicious meals and platter options for your party (SEE CAFE MENU). Outside food is not permitted on the premises. See our FOOD & BEVERAGE POLICY for details.

You must have a minimum group size of 10 people in order to receive the special Sports Club pricing, otherwise standard pricing will apply.

It is highly recommended to make a booking to ensure we can accommodate you upon arrival, particularly on busy days. Call us on 3205 4141 to book your session!

Laserzone recommends arriving 15 minutes prior to your booking time. This allows for our team to process payments and get your group started on time.

If you are a large group and are looking to pay in separate transactions, please ensure that your group arrives at least 20 minutes prior to your booking start time.

Laserzone participants typically start at aged 6 years and up, however it largely depends on the size and confidence of the child. If you are unsure about whether your child or your team will be suitable, feel free to bring them in and we can see how well the laser tag vests fit them, and gauge their confidence in the dimly lit environment.

Laserzone highly recommends holding 5 & 6 year old parties during off-peak party times so that Laserzone crew can offer the extra attention needed to help suit up and support the younger children. These times are typically weekdays and after 4pm on weekends. Please contact Laserzone directly for more information.

Enclosed shoes must be worn at ALL TIMES on the activities at Laserzone. We also recommend comfortable clothes for moving around and darker colours if you want to remain stealthy in the arena!

We don’t reserve tables as they need to be made available for our catered party packages, however, if there are tables available on the day, you are welcome to use them.

Please see one of our team members when you arrive if you need a table and they will be able to direct you to a seating area.

These colours refer to the different type of Arcade Games we have.

PURPLE: These games are our Retro Collection that include all the classics like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Air Hockey, Raiden, Pacman and a variety of legendary titles that we change regularly.

YELLOW: These games are our Redemption Games that give the player tickets/points for playing. These tickets/points can be redeemed for prizes at our Prize Counter. When unlimited Yellow games are provided, no tickets are earned.

BLUE: The Blue Games are our regular Arcade titles such as Basketball, Superbikes, Lets Go Jungle and Crazy Speed Car Racing

RED: These are our premium game titles. These can only be played by adding $ credit to your card



Last year Laserzone gave away over 40,000 FREE Laser Games to support local sporting clubs and schools reward their young achievers.

The awards entitle the bearer to their 2nd Hour for FREE with the purchase of a 1 Hour Pass. Perfect for players that perform well or show great sportsmanship.

There is no cost, all we ask is that you support Laserzone with a link to our website from your clubs webpage and to mention us on your social media and newsletters throughout the season.