Thanks to the hard work of our crew, friends and members, Laserzone is back online after a recent flooding event heavily impacted our venue. Our Laser Tag is fully operational, the Arcade is now 90% online with some new games and our Bumper Cars coming online in the next couple of weeks. To compensate for not having Bumper Cars, we have beefed up inclusions on all our passes.

Please call us on 3205 4141 or email if you would like to talk to us directly about any questions you might have.


Are you looking for an unfortgettable experience in Brisbane for your child’s  birthday party? Laserzone is a perfect choice. Laserzone parties include Laser Tag games, Arcade access, catering and are HASSLE FREE.

Our state-of-the-art game centre is a standout choice among
kid’s birthday party venues in Brisbane.

If you are booking within 48 hours of your date, please call us to book.


Ages 6-13 / Min 10 Guests


3 Laser Games

Retro Arcade Access for duration of party

6 Blue Games + 6 Yellow Games

Meal, drinks, popcorn & lollies

Party booth for duration of party


PREMIUM ARCADE ($8pp): Double Blue Games + 200 tickets




The standard meal options include Pizza or Nuggets & Chips, however we can also swap nuggets out for vege spring rolls.

We are a gluten friendly cafe which means we have some gluten free products which are cooked in the same oil as the products with gluten. People with food allergies are welcome to bring their own food in to the venue.

For our full food policy head to

Laserzone has a fully licensed Bar & Cafe that can supply delicious meals and platter options for your party (SEE CAFE MENU). Outside food is not permitted on the premises. See our FOOD & BEVERAGE POLICY for details.

When booking into slot 1, you are guaranteed that time slot. Bookings made into slot 2 or 3 need to be manually approved by a member of Laserzone staff. This is to ensure that the age of your birthday child is within 2 year of the birthday child booked into slot 1.

Laserzone would recommend that you arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the start time of your party. Party tables are set up and ready to go at this time, and you will have access to your designated party space for the duration of your party.

It is recommended to advise party guests to arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to the start time of the party.

Laserzone Parties typically start for birthday children aged 6 and up, however we are open to hosting 5 year old parties.

Laserzone highly recommends holding 5 & 6 year old parties during off-peak party times so that Laserzone crew can offer the extra attention needed to help suit up and support the younger children. These times are typically weekdays and after 4pm on weekends. Please contact Laserzone directly for more information.

Bumper Cars can only be added to parties for birthday children aged 8 and above.

Laserzone can provide an Ice Cream Cake for your party at an additional cost, or you can bring your own. Laserzone will provide you with cutlery, plates and napkins. There are fridges and freezers in the centre to store birthday cakes for your convenience.

Please note that sparklers are not permitted at Laserzone.

Enclosed shoes must be worn at ALL TIMES on the activities at Laserzone. We also recommend comfortable clothes for moving around and darker colours if you want to remain stealthy in the arena!

These colours refer to the different type of Arcade Games we have.

PURPLE: These games are our Retro Collection that include all the classics like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Air Hockey, Raiden, Pacman and a variety of legendary titles that we change regularly.

YELLOW: These games are our Redemption Games that give the player tickets/points for playing. These tickets/points can be redeemed for prizes at our Prize Counter. When unlimited Yellow games are provided, no tickets are earned.

BLUE: The Blue Games are our regular Arcade titles such as Basketball, Superbikes, Lets Go Jungle and Crazy Speed Car Racing

RED: These are our premium game titles. These can only be played by adding $ credit to your card

Find Out Why We are One of the Leading Kid’s Party Venues in Brisbane

A Few of the Reasons to Have Children’s Laser Tag Parties

It is the goal of every parent to throw their child a birthday party that they will always remember. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a kid’s laser tag birthday party for your little one’s big day: 

  • Promotes physical fun: A laser tag party provides children with the chance to move around and enjoy themselves. Our party package includes three 12-minute laser tag games where they have the opportunity to be on the move for over a half of their party. 
  • Excellent for socialisation: Whilst playing laser tag, there is a certain amount of interaction that the children should have with each other. This activity helps to improve socialisation skills and strategic thinking in a fun and relaxed setting. 
  • Reduces time sitting in front of electronics: Instead of being distracted by technology in their rooms, laser tag and the arcades will keep the kids on their feet. We promote interactive and exciting fun with others, and strive to keep everybody fully occupied for the duration of the party!                      

Why You Should Pick Laserzone for Kids Parties in Brisbane

Our state-of-the-art laser tag arena and game centre is a standout choice among kid’s birthday party venues in Brisbane. A few things that you can expect when you book the party with us include: 

  • Video arcade area: Does your group want to take a break from laser tag? No problem. Encourage them to catch their breath in our arcade. This area features retro games including Nintendo Classics, Silent Scope and Time Crisis. Our party package also includes arcade credit to spend on our other machines such as Air Hockey or Crazy Speed. Do you want to spend more time in this area after your party? Speak to a member of our team about additional arcade credit! 
  • Personalised invitations: Once you book your child’s party, we give you all the tools you need to get the word out. We will provide you with invitations that you can hand out to your child’s friends that allow you to fill in all of the details you need. Our invitations help to add a unique and personalised touch to your event. 
  • Options for extras: Our facility also features other activities, including Bumper Cars and a licensed cafe and bar so you can add platters and other food options to your party! To zip around in one of our bumper cars, drivers need to be at least 8 years of age. Guests under 8 years of age are required to ride with an adult. 

About Laserzone

The goal of the Laserzone team is to help you organise an incredible birthday party for your child. Our friendly customer service team are available to answer any questions that you have when you are booking your event. On the day of your party, we encourage you to let us know if there is anything more you need to make the day special. 

If you would like to find our more information about Laserzone birthday parties, please reach out to us through our contact page.