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Laserzone Family Entertainment centre is Brisbane’s number 1 multi-attraction family entertainment centre. Laserzone features a world class multi-level Laser Tag arena, Bumper Cars that drift and slide, Australia’s only Target Gallery Jungle Train ride and a huge Prize and Video Arcade. Laserzone has built a reputation of providing an action packed experience and being great value for money. Check out our Facebook reviews and see for yourself!


If you love your Laser Tag, you need to play at Laserzone. The management behind the centre are keen Laser Tag enthusiasts, and strive to keep the laser equipment and arena at a World Class standard. Laserzone has 40 packs, 8 base stations and 60 multi function targets in an easy to navigate, multi level arena.

Laserzone Brisbane, features the latest generation Helios Laser Tag equipment from Zone Systems. This gear is amazing! It features touch screen technology, large 20mm laser beams and and a variety of game modes.

Laserzone boasts a fully interactive Laser Tag experience with 60 targets in the arena that give players access to special abilities such as Rapid Fire, Stealth, Shields, Score Multiplier and Invincibility!

The arena is a popular competition Laser Tag arena, and was the host of the 2016 Australasian Laser Tag Championships. It’s the kind of arena you’ll never get bored with and is so much fun to play for adults or kids.

All you need to bring is enclosed footwear to play. Some players like to wear dark clothing to conceal better in the dimly lit playing environment, but this is optional.

Look forward to seeing you at Laserzone Brisbane!

See Prices & Packages for up to date price information.


The Laserzone Bumper Cars are a HUGE hit. People love the Bumpers at Laserzone Brisbane. We keep the track nice and slippery, so there is plenty of drifting and speed as you whizz around and crash in to your friends.

We have 10 cars in total, but usually run a maximum of 8 per ride. You need to be 120cm to drive but can passenger at 80cm. You will need enclosed footwear to ride the Bumper Cars and passengers can ride for FREE.

See Prices & Packages for up to date price information.


Laserzone Brisbane has a MONSTER video arcade and prize redemption area. Games include Crazy Speed, Superbikes 2, Rambo, Air Hockey, Lets Go Jungle and Street Basketball.

You can play based on arcade time or credit.

See Prices & Packages for up to date price information.

Fun and Engaging Kids’ Activities in Brisbane

How to Get More Value Out of a Day at an Indoor Play Centre in Brisbane 

Brisbane has 2,800 hours of sunshine annually. When you’re ready to remove the sunglasses, join us indoors for fun and adventure. Read about the positive benefits of playing laser tag for kids and adults:

  • Laser tag promotes cognitive and language development. Teamwork is essential. It forces the players to communicate, solve problems, and act creatively. The mental stimulation contributes towards brain development in kids in their later years and they have fun while creating new social bonds as they work towards shared goals.
  • Laser tag is a type of kid’s entertainment in Brisbane that promotes social and interpersonal skills. During a competition, children express what they like and dislike. They master ways to fit into a social structure and behave appropriately; team leaders will grow their critical skills of leadership.
  • Laser tag promotes creativity because the activity encourages you to think ahead to navigate obstacles both figuratively and physically. As their excitement kicks in with each moment, the fun fuels their imagination. 

Indoor play with us stimulates creativity and develops cognitive and social benefits, all while having fun. 

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Friends for a Visit to Laserzone

An afternoon or evening at Laserzone includes bumper cars, arcade games, and a heap of fun. Our top attraction is Laser Tag. Read below for the best techniques to play laser tag:

  • Arrive in dark coloured clothing and let your eyes adjust to the dark areas before you make a move. Study your arena before beginning the contest. Possibly walk around the facility so that you know what is around corners. You want to focus on the game the moment it begins.
  • Keep on your toes. Unless you’re hiding, you want to keep moving. If you crouch-walk, those from the other team will have less of a chance of spotting you. Children have an advantage over adults because children are out of the eye-line of older people. The goal is to remain as invisible as possible.
  • Keep your ears open. When you can’t see the contestants on the opposing team, there is a chance you can hear them moving nearby. Be ready to attack easy targets. It’s essential to think strategically, but an easy win in the short run is advantageous.

Why You Should Visit Laserzone

We offer one of the best places for children’s activities in Brisbane. Not only can you play laser tag, but you can also play the arcades, and enjoy the bumper cars. Contact us with questions on how to take advantage of all we have to offer.

There is no end to the fun you will enjoy with us. Let us host your next company event or birthday party. Call us, and we’ll organise it all for you.