Laser Tag

If you love your Laser Tag, you need to play at Laserzone. The management behind the centre are keen Laser Tag enthusiasts, and strive to keep the laser equipment and arena at a World Class standard. Laserzone has 45 packs, 7 base stations and 60 multi function targets in an easy to navigate, multi level arena.

To continue developing Laserzone Brisbane as the most up to date and player focussed Laser Tag center in Brisbane, we have the latest generation Helios Laser Tag equipment. This gear is amazing! It has the same sleek Nexus vest that we love, but with a phaser that brings touch screen technology, a large 20mm laser beam and weapon select functions to the fore. Much more information is now available to players during a game such as individual and team scores, time left, special abilities and the avatar of the player that just tagged you!

In order to make the Laser Tag experience even more interactive we have 60 targets in the arena that are activated during the game and give players access to extra points or special abilities. This has created a whole new level of arena interactivity, particularly for smaller groups with less players to tag.

The arena is a popular competition Laser Tag arena, and was the host of the 2016 Australasian Laser Tag Championships. It's the kind of arena you'll never get bored with and is so much fun to play for adults or kids.

If you're new to Laser Tag, find out more about it in our FAQ. All you need to bring is enclosed footwear to play. Some players like to wear dark clothing to conceal better in the dimly lit playing environment, but this is optional.

Look forward to seeing you at Laserzone Brisbane!

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Bumper Cars

The Laserzone Bumper Cars are a HUGE hit. People love the dodgems at Laserzone Brisbane. We keep the track nice and slippery, so there is plenty of drifting and speed as you whizz around and crash in to your friends.

We have 10 cars in total, but usually run a maximum of 8 per ride. You need to be 120cm to drive but can passenger at 80cm. You will need enclosed footwear to ride the Bumper Cars and passengers can ride for FREE.

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Jungle Safari Laser Train

Welcome to the one of a kind, and first to Australia, the Jungle Safari Train!

Anyone can ride the train. You can be 2, you can be 102. What makes it fun is that you can earn points on your ride by tagging the scenery with a laser as you pass through. Boxes will open, totems will move and your train will spin as you make your way around the track and collect as many points as possible, or just enjoy all the random goings on in the scenery.

Up to 6 people can ride at a time.

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Redemption Arcade

Laserzone Brisbane has a MONSTER video arcade and prize redemption area. Games include Crazy Speed, Superbikes 2, Rambo, Air Hockey, Lets Go Jungle and Street Basketball. 

You can play based on arcade time or credit.

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