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Laser Sporting is surprisingly athletic and a huge amount of fun. It’s perfect for kids who are not into traditional sports and a great way to get kids active.

The difference between Junior League and regular Laser Tag, is that you get to experience Laser Tag as part of an organised team. By the completion of your first season you will have developed new skills, and developed your ability to work within a team.

Junior League caters for ages 8 to 14, so it’s the first stepping stone into the world of Laser Sporting. We have a number of experienced players who administer the league and help guide new players as they develop their Laser Tag skills.

Junior League is played on a Wednesday night from 4pm to 6pm. The season runs for 10 weeks during school term and breaks for school holidays.


Played on a Wednesday from 4pm-6pm during school term
Your first week is FREE to try it out
$16pp per week

Participants can start any time during the season
Email hello@laserzone.com.au for more information

Laser League

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Junior League is an introduction to playing Laser Sports competitively. Each week we play a bunch of games, including a warm up game, the main League games which count towards end of season achievements and a social game to finish. Each week the main League game format is slightly different, giving participants new challenges to overcome each week and the opportunity to team up with different players. The results of the main League games impact the final League season standings and build towards an end of season ceremony where participants receive medallions and awards for recognition of their achievements.

The teams are mixed up regularly to ensure that kids get to interact with new people.

One of the main differences between public games and League games is base evacuation. Around each base is a set of fluro lines on the floor that indicate the perimeter of a base evacuation area. You need to be active to be in this area. This creates an area around the base stations that players battle over in order to destroy the base. If you are in an evacuation area and you get tagged, you must leave the area before reactivating. Junior Leaguers will learn to how work as a team to take over the base or defend.

To find out more about the Junior League contact the Laserzone team on brisbane@laserzone.com.au.