What do we do?

Laserzone Family Entertainment centre is Brisbane's number 1 multi-attraction family entertainment centre. Laserzone features a world class multi-level Laser Tag arena, Bumper Cars that drift and slide, Australia's only Jungle Target Gallery Train ride and a huge Prize and Video Arcade. Laserzone has built a reputation of providing an action packed experience and being great value for money. Check out our Facebook reviews and see for yourself!

Whether you are looking to organise a birthday party, sports club party, vacation care activity, corporate or work activity or have a community or school group that is looking for something super fun and full of action, Laserzone is a guaranteed winner. We have been the family choice for high quality, no-fuss kids parties for over 10 years now. Locals know that Laserzone will give a high quality service every time, and other than bringing along a cake, you don't need to do a thing. We understand that affordability is important for many families so we have a few options depending on your budget and even allow our guests to bring their own food.

Laser Fitness

Did you know that Laser Tag is incredibly good for your fitness, dexterity and coordination? Laser Sporting is surprisingly athletic, and sharpens up your reflexes and brain function. Playing Laser Tag requires you to track many players at the same time, whilst maneuvering around walls, up and down ramps, and skillfully dodging incoming tags. 

Laserzone is a popular choice for families who want to spend time together and improve their fitness at the same time. If you REALLY like Laser Tag you can go one step further and join one of our Leagues.

Laserzone runs Leagues for both Juniors (8 to 14 years) and Seniors (13 years to adult). League is your first step in to the world of competitive Laser Tag, and Laserzone Brisbane is renowned on the world map as having one of the healthiest Laser Sporting scenes world wide. Some of the worlds most experienced players can guide you to Laser Tag ninjary! Our Laser Sports page has a bunch more information on this growing sport.

Congratulations to

Brisbane Maroons

2015, 2016 & 2017 Zone Laser Tag Australasian Champions

In March 2017 the best Laser Tag players from across Australia and NZ played off for Laser Tag supremacy in Megazone at Adelaide. The annual tournament is the largest of its kind in the world, and travels from state to state each year, hosting around 200 players from across Australasia. Teams play off in the blue ribbon, '5-man Teams' event, as well as a bunch of side events such as Solos, Doubles, Triples, Masters, Womens, Juniors and our spectator version of the game, 'Lord of the Rings'. The tournament has been running since 1999.

This year it was the Brisbane Maroon's opportunity to be the first ever team to achieve 3 victories in a row. QLD contributed 6 teams all up, to the total number of 33 teams that participated in the event. The Brisbane Maroons, who won the event in 2015 in Bendigo and 2016 at home in Brisbane, were tipped to do well, but it was unclear how they would fair after losing one of their main play makers, 'Mad Cans' before the start of the event. The Maroons hovered between 3rd and 5th for most of the week, until finals in which they blitzed the field to take home the trophy in grand fashion. It was a special year for QLD Laser Tag with the young guns from Brisbane, the 'Brisbane Wolfpack' finishing 2nd and the Sunshine Coast Blue Steel in 3rd. Check out the Major League Laser YouTube channel for a bunch of great interviews and real life footage from some of the elite teams going at it in the finals.

World Class Laser Tag

The heart and soul of Laserzone Brisbane is Laser Tag and its world class multi-level playing arena. The compact and intelligently designed arena was host to the 2016 Australasian Championships and was created by the same people that assisted with the design of the 2014 World Titles and 2009 National Titles arenas on the Sunshine Coast. Being designed for competition level play gives it a special edge over regular Laser Tag arena's, and ensures fairness for all players. Our arena is the only arena in Australia to feature 8 base stations and 60 targets. Targets provide players with the opportunity to earn power ups along the way, which provides a whole new dimension to the game. Whether you are part of a childrens or adults birthday party, or you are a regular player, you will LOVE this arena.

Check out some video footage from a real life game in the Laserzone Brisbane arena.