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QLD Government Vaccination Mandate

From the 17th December the QLD government have announced that unvaccinated people will be unable to attend indoor entertainment venues such as Laserzone. According to the QLD health website, businesses need to take reasonable steps to enforce the rules which includes display of the vaccination rules at our premises and we may ask for vaccination status. The QLD health website also stipulates that they do not expect business owners or staff to be the police.


Laserzone aims to provide the safest environment possible. Here is what we are doing to ensure Laserzone is a healthy place to bring your crew:

  • Maximum participants in facility has been limited to fit with Queensland government regulations on social distancing rules.
  • Laserzone crew must be informed if guests have been to a COVID-19 hotspot or traveled overseas in the past two weeks, have been in close contact with a person who is COVID-19 positive, have tested positive to COVID-19, or have shown symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All guests must be wearing enclosed footwear at all times whilst visiting the centre.
  • Sanitisation stations throughout the building.
  • Social distancing markers throughout the building.
  • Laser tag vests, arcade & activity consoles, bumper cars, tables, counters, handrails and sinks are wiped with a safe sterilisation liquid at regular intervals.
  • All arcade cards are sterilised before re-distribution.
  • Regular hand cleaning and sanitising recommended by Laserzone crew.
  • Gloves used by Laserzone crew for cleaning tasks.
  • Laserzone crew are aware that they are NOT to come to work with any signs of sickness without clearance from a medical professional.
  • Encourage coughing and sneezing in to the elbow crease (not hand).


You are welcome to bring your own food to the centre. Tables will only be reserved for catered parties, however, if a table is available, you are welcome to use it.

Pre-packaged snack foods, soft drinks and water is available for purchase here at the centre.


We actively encourage all guests to participate in our activities – laser tag is great fun for all! However, should you find that you do not want to participate then please follow these guidelines:

  • Bookings for guests aged 12 and under MUST have one supervising adult present.
  • Bookings for guests aged 13 and above do not require a supervising adult, but one may be present if preferred.
  • Supervising adults must be over 18 years of age.