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Perfect for events, schools, functions, fetes and more. The arena might be mini, but the experience is super maxi!

The open style arena allows spectators to get involved in the action, and the unique ‘capture the flag’ style game provides non-stop action throughout the session.

The entire setup can fit in to a small room such as a seminar room, classroom or hall. We facilitate the event, running a series of short games between teams of up to 4 players. As a stand alone event we can cater for up to 50 people at a time, and many more if there are other activities to do.

We use the Zone Laser Tag systems which are the most advanced Laser Tag systems going around. They are light, reliable, accurate and comfortable to wear.

For pricing information or to find out more, please email or call 3205 4141 to speak to somoene about your event.

Check out more images from our Mobile Laser Tag arena HERE.