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Are you a member of a not for profit organisation such as a school, sporting club or community organisation, and looking to raise funds?

Laserzone Fundraisers are a perfect way to get the crew together for a good time AND raise some much-needed funds for your organisation.


40 Guests = $375 Profit ($25×15)

70 Guests = $1,125 Profit ($25×45)

100 Guests = $1,875 Profit ($25×75)


Fundraisers at Laserzone are super easy and a fun way to make money for your organisation!

Its super simple. You simply organise a 2 hour fundraising session at Laserzone and invite as many people as you can. There is no cost to your organisation for holding the fundraiser. Laserzone simply keeps the entry fees for the first 25 people to cover expenses, and you keep the rest. This means that if the turn out is not quite as what you expected, your organisation is not out of pocket.

Any general public that wants to play during your fundraiser must be allowed to play, but you keep the revenue. We even promote your fundraiser to our loyal Facebook following of over 6000 people to help increase your numbers. The more people that attend, the more money you make. You could earn over $2000 in a single night!


3 Laser Tag Missions

1 Bumper Car Ride

2 Hrs Retro Arcade Access

$15 Arcade Credit


ADD 1 Laser Mission & $10 Arcade Credit


MON & THU: Anytime

WED & SUN: After 6pm

TUE, FRI, SAT: Unavailable

Fundraisers not available School & Public Holidays


One fundraiser event can be held per organisation per year

Bookings essential. Deposit of $200 required to book

Group organiser must be an organisation administrator

Available to sporting clubs, schools and not for profit associations

Casual customers must be allowed to play during the event, however, the money goes directly to your organisation


POWER-UP: Add 1 Laser Mission & $10 Arcade Credit: $6pp

BOTTOMLESS Cordial, Water, Popcorn: $3pp