Class Party

Laserzone is an awesome place to have a class party or school social event. It’s a great chance for the students and teachers to let their hair down and have a blast together. At all our Class Parties, teachers play for free!

We have packages to suit your class budget.

  Laser Tag Bumper or Train Video Game Ticket Games
$22 Package 2 hours of Laser Tag (min 4 games) --- Unlimited 0
$27 Package 2 hours of Laser Tag (min 4 games) 1 Unlimited Unlimited (no tickets)
$33 Package 3 hours of Laser Tag (min 6 games) 1 Unlimited Unlimited (no tickets)

Laser Tag Only

If you would prefer just to play Laser Tag only, please take advantage of our special deal below.

3 Missions on any school day:

  • Groups of 10-30 people -  $20pp
  • Groups of 31-60 people -  $18pp
  • Groups of 61-90 people -  $16pp

Mobile Laserzone - Let Laserzone Bring the Action to You!

Want Laserzone to bring the action to you?  No problem. We have a mobile Laser Tag setup that comes fully equipped with trained staff, arena and the latest Laser Tag technology. Perfect for schools, fetes, holiday programs, scouts and youth groups. Find out all about it at our Mobile Laser Tag page or email

Laserzone loves to support healthy activities with young people. Ask about our sponsored Mobile Laser Tag visits for schools to promote Laser Sporting as a healthy sporting alternative for young people!

Achievement Awards for your School

Would you like FREE Achievement Award support for your school? Laserzone Achievement Awards are perfect as rewards for academic achievement, behavioural or other programs that you may be running at your school. Laserzone awards look great and are tailored to senior and primary school level students. 

If you would like to find out more, or fill in the quick on-line application, CLICK HERE.

Recreational Sports

Did you know that you can travel up to 1km in a single game of Laser Tag? Laser Tag is a surprisingly athletic, and team oriented game that appeals to kids who don’t play traditional sports.

The nature of the game means that height, size or gender has no impact on your ability to have a fair exchange in the game and enjoy the experience. It evens the playing field, and has a surprising impact on communication between people and team mates.

Laser Tag is a sport played at the National and International level. We are lucky enough to have local players with many years of National and International experience. There is a thriving Laser Tag competition and playing scene here at Laserzone Brisbane that can help any youngster who enjoys the sport of Laser Tag.

Each week when the class arrives, we take them and get them loaded and started in the games. Teachers enjoy bringing the kids because it’s so easy, and the kids love it so much.  We can give your class individual player cards so that they can track their progress throughout the term or semester.

Schools who book for 1 term receive a special Rec Sports price of $12 for 2 games. This will take around 45min to 1hr to complete. If we have time for a 3rd game we will always squeeze one in.