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Laserzone parties are super easy and great value for money. We look after everything. All you need to do is book, organise your cake, and get the kids to Laserzone!

We have two catered party options, the Laser Party (2 hours) and Extreme Party (2.5 hours).

If you were looking for something a little bit more low key than a catered party, then check out our Pricing & Deals page for our other options.


Yes, that’s right, 2 FREE GUESTS when you have your party in February!

A minimum of 10 paying guests is still needed and you must book one of our catered party packages (Laser Party, Extreme Party or Adult/Teen party).

Book now and save!

Find Out Why We are One of the Leading Kid’s Party Venues in Brisbane

Are you looking for kid’s party venues in Brisbane for your child’s birthday party or special event? Laserzone is a perfect choice. Our venue comes not only with laser tag options, but an arcade and other activities that will leave your child and other guests thrilled. 

A Few of the Reasons to Have Children’s Laser Tag Parties 

It is the goal of every parent to throw their child a birthday party that they will always remember. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a kid’s laser tag birthday party for your little one’s big day: 

  • Promotes physical fun: While children gathered around a table to eat and celebrate for a birthday party is terrific, they are bound to get bored if they sit in one place for too long. A laser tag party provides children with the chance to run around and enjoy themselves. Both of our party packages include three 12-minute laser tag missions which means that they have the opportunity to be on the move for over a half-hour of a two or two-and-a-half-hour party. 
  • Excellent for socialisation: To accomplish a mission, there is a certain amount of interaction that the children should have with each other. This activity improves socialisation skills and strategic thinking in a fun and relaxed setting. 
  • Reduces time in front of electronics: Instead of children being distracted by their phones while at the party, laser tag or the arcade will keep them occupied for the duration of the party. 

Why You Should Pick Laserzone for Kids Parties in Brisbane 

Our state-of-the-art game centre is a standout choice among kid’s birthday party venues in Brisbane. A few things that you can expect when you book the party with us include: 

  • Video arcade area: Does your group want to take a break from laser tag? No problem. Encourage them to catch their breath at our top of the line video arcade. This area features fun games including Crazy Speed, air hockey and Rambo. Our party packages include either 60 or 90 minutes in this area and either eight or 14 tickets. Do you want to spend more time in this section after your party? Speak to any member of our team about our hourly passes. 
  • Personalised invitations: Once you book your child’s party, we give you all the tools you need to get the word out. We will provide you with invitations that you can hand out to your child’s friends that allow you to fill in the recipient’s name, date of the party, time and RSVP answer. Our invitations help to add a unique and personalised touch to your event. 
  • Options for extras: Our facility also features other activities, including bumper cars and a jungle train ride. To zip around in one of our bumper cars, drivers need to be at least 120 cm tall. However, passengers only need to be 80 cm tall. Our jungle train is perfect for children or adults of all ages and sizes. These extras are add-on options for any party packages along with the choice of adding extra laser tag missions depending on availability. 

About Laserzone 

The goal of the Laserzone team is to help you organise an incredible birthday party for your child. Our friendly customer service team is available to answer any questions that you have when you are booking your event. On the day of your party, we encourage you to let us know if there is anything more you need to make the day special. 

To find out more about why you should choose us over other child birthday party venues in Brisbane, please reach out to us through our contact page.