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Local Teams Win National Championship

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For the 5th year in a row, Laserzone Brisbane has cleaned up at the Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships, held at Laserzone Sunshine Coast! Laserzone Brisbane took home the top spot in the blue ribbon teams event, and took places in just about every side event.

Following the success of the 2018 Championships, the 2019 competition hosted 35 teams from across Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Finland and the United States of America.

Out of a team field of 35, Laserzone Brisbane took home both the 1st and 2nd placings, with Laserzone Sunshine Coast taking the 3rd place. The grand final was incredibly close, with all three teams emerging with the same competition points at the end of the three game series. This meant that results came down to the average scores of all three teams. In the end it was the Brisbane Wolfpack who emerged victorious; picking up their second National victory and their fourth National trophy. The Brisbane Beavers took out second place, with the Sunshine Coast Spartans coming in third place.

Honourable mentions go out to the Queensland Ducks (11th) and Brisbane Renegades (12th) for their incredible performances over the competition.

Performances from all members of the Queensland squad were of incredible standard, and the results were as follows:

Solos: 1st Lakeo (Brisbane Wolfpack), 2nd Wax (Brisbane Wolfpack)

Doubles: 1st Stalker and Potato (Sunshine Coast Spartans), Lakeo (Brisbane Wolfpack) and Link (Brisbane Beavers), 3rd Wax and Husky (Brisbane Wolfpack)

Triples: 1st Link (Brisbane Beavers) Lakeo and Wamfox (Brisbane Wolfpack), 2nd Stalker Potato and Penguin77 (Sunshine Coast Spartans), 3rd Ninja (Brisbane Beavers) Pain and Husky (Brisbane Wolfpack)

Masters: 1st Bootza (Brisbane Beavers)

Womens: 1st Raven (Queensland Ducks), 2nd Alex (Queensland Ducks)

Juniors: 3rd Link (Brisbane Beavers)

Lord of the Rings: 1st Pain (Brisbane Wolfpack), 2nd Wax (Brisbane Wolfpack), 3rd Husky (Brisbane Wolfpack)

Rookie of the Year: Phowkin (Brisbane Beavers)

Here at Laserzone Brisbane, we are already counting down to the next competition being the first of three Pre-National competitions in the lead-up to the Championships in 2020 due  to be held at Zone 3 Laser Tag in Darwin! If you would like to know more about how to get involved in Laser Sporting, make sure you get involved in Laser League! Onwards and Upwards to Darwin 2020!