Laserzone Achievement Awards

Laserzone Brisbane has been supporting local Sporting Clubs & Schools for over 10 years, donating over 30,000 FREE Laser Games each year to help incentivise good sportsmanship and behaviour amongst our youth.

Laserzone Achievement Awards are greatly appreciated by our local community as a HEALTHY reward option for sporting clubs and schools. Each pass entitles the bearer to 1 FREE LASER GAME + 1 FREE EXTREME RIDE (Bumper Cars or Jungle Train) or a discounted hourly pass or session. We have awards suitable for younger children (under 13 years) as well as more slick looking gift certificates for teens and adults.

What is the cost and how do they work?

There is no cost for Laserzone Achievement Awards. The program is a great win-win, in which local sporting clubs and schools obtain access to a FREE & HEALTHY reward option, and Laserzone gets to support the community and share the Laserzone name. All that we request is that your club creates a link from your website to the Laserzone website.

The only conditions on the Achievement Awards are

  • Maximum of 1 award can be redeemed per person per day
  • Maximum of 5 FREE missions and rides per group per day
  • Awards are not to be used in conjunction with other offers. They can be used to discount Hourly Passes, Morning Mission and Fever, but cannot be used to discount birthday/end of season parties or other discount offers

Laserzone will provide enough awards so that you can give away 1 award in each team each week of the season. For schools, Laserzone will provide enough awards to suit your behavioural or reward program.


How to Apply

To apply for Laserzone Achievement Awards is super easy. Simply complete the application form below, and Laserzone will be in contact within 7 days to notify you of the success of your application and when your awards are ready for collection.

Application for Sporting Clubs

Sporting Clubs applying for Achievement Awards, please complete the following application.

Schools Applying for Achievement Awards

Schools applying for Achievement Awards should complete the following application. (If your security settings restrict access to this form, please email Karen at to send you the form.

If you have any other questions relating to Achievement Awards or other ways in which Laserzone may be able to support your club, school or community group please email