2014 Zone Laser Tag World Titles

The 2014 Zone Laser Tag World Titles were held at Laserzone Sunshine Coast in August 2014. 12 teams from 4 countries competed in a week long event that included the blue ribbon '5 Man' Teams event, Team Elimination, Triples, Solos and LOR (Lord of the Rings).

The Laser Tag World Titles is a blend of the various play styles of the American, Scandinavean and Australian game styles. The best of the best come together every 2 to 3 years to battle it out for International Laser Tag supremacy. In 2014, teams from Australia, New Zealand, Finland and the United States competed.

In 2014 it was clearly the US Legends that dominated the results, sweeping 1st place in all events, and demonstrating their experience and skill playing at this level. The final of the main event, the '5 Man' Teams, was played out by the US Legends, QLD Maroons (Australia) and Finland in a classic International battle. Read on a for a full list of results from the tournament.

During the tournament, a crowd funded documentary was filmed, giving a detailed insight in to the stories surrounding the tournament and the elite Laser Tag players that participated. See below for a full list of results.

Tournament Results

- 5 Man Teams Event

- 5 Man Team Elimination

- Solo's

- Triples

- Lord of the Rings

2014 Zone World Titles Documentary

The 2014 Zone World Titles Documentary is a fascinating insight in to the world of competitive Laser Tag. The documentary follows elite Laser Tag athletes and teams as they navigate the worlds most prestigious Laser Sporting event. The documentary uncovers rare insights in to the mindset of top level players and tournament level Laser Tag.

Professionally shot and produced by Joel Devereux and Romesh De Silva of Vontaine Productions, and funded by a generous and committed community of die hard Laser Tag enthusiasts via a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, this documentary is a must see for anyone who loves Laser Tag or niche sporting activities.




Tournament Results

5 Man Teams

The 5 Man Teams event is the blue ribbon event. 3 teams of 5 players play at a time. Teams accumulate a winning score by tagging opposition players and destroying the opposition teams base station. Each player can destroy the opposition teams base once per player, meaning that in each game, the maximum number of base destroys is 10 per team. A tag on the shoulders or laser is a 'stun' only and earns 50 points for a player, whereas a tag on the front or back of the pack is a deactivation and earns 150 points. Base destroys are worth 3001 points, however it is possible for players to lose points whilst tagging a base if they get 'denied'. A denial is where a player gets tagged or runs out of power whilst destroying the base. It takes 3 shots to destroy a base, and each shot COSTS a player 500 points. When a player destroys the base they receive 4501 points, meaning that they get a net amount of 3001. However if they get denied part way through destroying the base, the player will lose points. This adds an element of team organisation and communication to ensure players are 'clear' before attempting to destroy the bases.

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5 Man Team Elimination Event

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Solos Event

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Triples Event

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Lord of the Rings Event

The Lord of the Rings event is the only event not played in the arena. It is a 5 minute battle between 3 players in a 10 feet in diameter ring. The player with the least amount of deactivations at the end of the round is the winner. Its is a test of timing and pack skills that gives players an opportunity to show of fancy shots and their ability to win the 1 on 1 battle.

1st: Punisher (USA Legends)

2nd: Snoopy (USA Legends)

3rd: Ace (USA Legends)

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