Masterclass events - Ages 8 to Adult

2017 Event Dates & Times

Wed 27th Sep

 - Ages 8 to 14 years 4.30pm-6pm

 - Ages 13 to adult 6.30pm-8.00pm

Masterclass events are run every school holidays as a way to learn some of the skills of playing like a serious Laser Tagger or as an introduction to League. Cost is $10 per person

Learn to Play Laser Tag

Laser Sporting is surprisingly athletic and a huge amount of fun. One of the great things about Laser Tag is that unlike many traditional sports, it doesnt matter about your height, weight, gender or age. Once you strap on that vest, you are on an equal playing field with every other player. 

Laserzone LOVES the sport of Laser Tag and wants to share it with anybody that has a keen interest in finding out more about it. Laserzone runs weekly Leagues for both adult (13 yrs to adult) and junior (8 to 14 yrs) players. The Masterclass Events are your first introduction into Laser Sports, and your opportunity to come and see what Laser Sporting is all about.

Our Masterclass Events are designed for all ages from 8 to adult, and will provide you with the basic skills to start your journey to becoming a ninja Laser Tag player. We look at phasor hand holds, how to use cover effectively, understanding the equipment and team communication, just to name a few. We finish off each session with some games so you can put in to practice what you have just learned. 

Typically the Masterclass events are on a Wednesday night during school holidays. To book or to find out more contact the Laserzone team on